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RFI – Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

The FS Italiane Group has been involved for years in improving environmental and social performance in the management of its business. As a consequence RFI SpA, the Italian Railway Network (RFI) has started  monitoring  its supply chain’s  compliance to  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) identifies company’s voluntary practices and behaviors aimed at achieving good results for both the company itself and  the environment. Companies’ socially responsible behaviors are those aimed at preserving the environment, safety, well-being for both employees and collectivity.


The new Italian Law on Public Procurement, following European Directives,  introduced good practices in  environmental protection and in general companies’ performances in Corporate Social Responsibility as important requirements to be asked in order to award a tender;

Therefore Companies that will participate to future RFI tenders shall be invited to attend an assessment through a monitoring platform developed by EcoVadis, an international company providing Supplier Sustainability Ratings for global supply chains.  

The company’s acceptance and participation to the CSR assessment involves approval that the scorecard will be shared with all the current and future members of Railsponsible.

CSR assessment of each company will be realized by EcoVadis through a dedicated online platform, and will focus on four main themes: Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement;  the rating obtained as a result of the assessment will be considered  valid for achieving rewarding scores eventually introduced, for  all tenders issued by RFI and eventually by other contracting authorities..


The cost of the assessment is partly funded by RFI and partly by companies, which will be asked to pay a subscription fee.

For more information on methodology and key principles that will be used in the evaluation of CSR score, please refer to the following document:

Assessment Methodology for EcoVadis CSR


For further information see the website:              http://www.ecovadis.com/

For further information about fees:                       http://fees.ecovadis.com

For further information about the alliance and its members:   http://www.railsponsible.org