Assistance Services in Stations


As Station Manager RFI provides services 24 hours a day to people with reduced mobility in a system of 300 stations managed by 14 Sale Blu (offices), points of hospitality and organization. Provided under the conditions laid down in Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 on the rights and obligations of rail passengers, the assistance services are offered by RFI with a view to continous improvement, in order to respond more effectively to travelers needs.

Under the current health emergency rules aimed at containing the spread of Coronavirus, from May 4th, 2020 (“phase 2” of COVID-19 emergency) the Assistance service to persons with disabilities and reduced mobility (PRM service) is modified, as follows.           Read more >>

The reference point for the PRM  service offered in the circuit 301 stations consists of 14 Sale Blu located in 14 main stations of the network and open every day from 6:45 to 21:30.

The purpose of Sale Blu is to ensure to  travelers with reduced mobility the following services:

 - information on available assistance services and related  brochure

 - reservation of the service

 - availability of a wheelchair on request

 - and accompanying to  the train by dedicated cars

 - welcome travelers  when the train arrives at the station and drive to the exit, or to the next train

 - lift service for wheelchair users to get on and off the  trains

 - free  usage  of baggage trolleys on request

The assistance services provided by RFI are for passengers who have a physical, sensory or motor impairment which temporarily or permanently makes it harder to them to travel.

RFI assistance services are aimed at:

 - People with limb problems, even if temporary, or  people with walking difficulties

 - Persons moving on wheelchair (see details)

 - Blind or visually impaired people

 - Deaf or hearing impaired people

 - Elderly

 - Pregnant women

In the event of non-self-suffieciency of the traveler for whom the assistance services are required, these may be subordinate to the presence of a personal assistant at the station or a companion during the journey.

Services can be booked in any of the following ways:  

  • contacting the Railway Undertaking which provides the transport service;
      - the departure and/or arrival/connection station (must be on the Disability Service List);
      - the departure  and return travel date(s), and any preferred times of travel;   
      - the kind of support required (eg if a platform lift  and/or wheelchair is needed)
      - a contact telephone number, in case it is needed for organizing the journey.
  • in person at one of the Sala Blu (6.45 to 21.30  365/365)
  • by telephone, calling 365/365 from 6.45 to 21.30
    >  FROM ITALY:  one of the 14 Sale Blu RFI by:

        - free call number 800 90 60 60 (from landlines only) 
      - national number ordinary rate from landline or a mobile phone
  • using the web new application

(*) calls from a landline in Italy will be charged at 6.12 eurocents plus 2.64 eurocents a minute; mobile operators may charge more.

RFI SALE BLU are open to the public from 06.45 to 21. 30 every day and the services are available 7/7 (Sundays and holidays included).

Services must be booked in advance during SALE BLU  opening times, with the following periods of notice: 

► for international travel, requests for assistance must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to travel  at the Sala Blu of reference stations stop for international trains chosen, or the Roma Termini  Sala Blu   (  or by fax  ( +39.06.47308579)  

► for national travel, requests for assistance:

  • if via e-mail, it must be made at least 24 hours before  

  • if by the railway companies, by telephone or in person directly to Sala Blu, it should be made: 

    for assistance in the 14 stations with the Sale Blu  and in Bologna Central Station AV, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino Airport, Genova Brignole, Genova Piazza Principe Underground,  Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Porta Garibaldi Underground,  Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, Padova,Palermo Central Station, Pisa Central Station,   Roma Tiburtina, Salerno, Torino Porta Susa e Venezia Mestre
       -  at least 1 hour prior to services during the hours 07.45 to 22.30
       -  at least 12 hours prior to services during the hours 22.31 to 7.44  
> for assistance in one of the other stations in the network
    - at least 12 hours before, for assistance services taking into consideration the opening hours of Sala Blu.

  The time slots refer to the scheduled departure or arrival time. In the case of a journey between a fast station and a standard station, the notice for the telephone reservation of the service, during the opening hours of the sala Blu  is 12 hours:

-The appointment for departing travelers

For  services  at the departure station, Sala Blu (or the Railway Company's contact channel) offer  an appointment at one of the  available meeting points , with an advance of  30 minutes.

-To cancel the service

Il you want to cancel or change a reserved service, you must inform the Sala Blu at least 4 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

- Minimum time of service request.

For the execution of the service, RFI is obliged to abide by the provisions of art. 24 of Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 laying down the "Conditions under which assistance is provided." RFI also makes any possible effort  to adapt its organization to the timing in use in the period before the entry into force of the Regulation - without this being obligation or reason for claim by a third party.

It is important that travelers communicate their intentio  not to use the reserved service to allow the Sala Blu to effectively reschedule the assistance activities and offer the service to the greatest number of travelers. Impairing care workers can result in less availability to other people who may need them and unjustified costs for RFI and railway companies.

Help us to maintain the quality of the services of the  Sale Blu!