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International Activities

RFI, as Manager of the national railway infrastructure, is involved in a wide range of international activities aimed at harmonizing actions for the development of rail transport and to promote the integration and cooperation between the various managers of the railway infrastructure, with particular regard to the countries of the European Union.

These activities are mostly framed in the development of cross border sections and European corridors requiring cooperative relations between the European Infrastructure Managers within the regulatory framework defined by:

  • UE Regulations n. 1315/2013 e n. 1316/2013 for the set up of multimodal corridors of the TEN – T network;
  • UE Regulations n.913/2010 for the set up of a European network for the competitive rail freight transport. RFI, as a member of the international associations responsible the discussion of these issues (UIC, RNE, CER, ERA, etc.), also participates in the technical meetings set up to resolve common problems and in research projects on issues of common interest such as interoperability, information systems and solutions for the promotion of rail transport at European level.