Cross border projects

The future Brenner Base Tunnel is part of the Mediterranean - Scandinavian corridor will be located at an altitude of 794m above sea level under the Brenner Pass, which with an altitude of 1.371m is the lowest pass in the Alps. This gallery has been designed exclusively for rail transport. The configuration of the tunnel includes two main single-track tunnels connected together by cross connection passages every 333 m.

Promoter of the implementation of the intervention is the TFB (Tunnel Ferroviario del Brennero SpA) whose purpose is the management of the share capital (50%) owned within the company "Brenner Base Tunnel - Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE" with the remaining 50% of the share capital of BBT SE being held by Austrian Railway Infrastructure Manager "ÖBB Infrastrukture".

TFB is controlled by Italian Railway Network SpA which it holds 85.788% of the shares while the remaining shares are broken down as follows: 6.277% Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Autonomous Province of Trento 6.277% and 1.658% Province of Verona.
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The cross-border section of the Turin-Lyon is part of the Mediterranean corridor and has a length of about 65 km between Susa / Bussoleno In Piemonte and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoy. The main element of the project is the new base tunnel of Mont Cenis, of a length of 57-km, which will bring significant savings, in particular energy savings and best conditions for the reliability, speed and safety of rail transport for both freight is passengers.

Telt, Euralpin Tunnel Lyon Turin, is the public promoter responsible for the construction and operation of the future line Turin-Lyon. It was set up in Paris on February 23, 2015, the shareholding structure is equally divided among Italian State Railways (FS) and the French State owning each a 50% of the shareholders capital. The new promoter succeeds LTF Lyon Turin Ferroviaire, that from October 2001 to February 2015 prepared the studies and the preliminary work.
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The railway line Trieste - Divaca is, together with the Lyon – Turin, the second cross-border section of the Mediterranean corridor. 
The project aims at the prolongement on eastern side up to Divača  of the HS/HC line Venice-trieste, with a further prolungement up to Lubiana planned for the future.   
Following the completion of the Feasibility Study "CROSS 5" in 2008 on the cross-border section between Italy and Slovenia, two alternative routes were identified for an optimizzed route.Subsequent feasibility studies have been carried out between 2009 and 2010 and brought to identify  new alternative routes allowing to minimize the impacts on the landscape, were approved in June 2011 by the intergovernmental  Commission set up by Italy and Slovenia.
In October 2010 an Agreement was signed by Italy and Slovenia to regulate their relashionship within the project and a Common Executive Body was set up for the coorination  of project's activities such as the set up of the EEIG which was formalized by signature of constitutive act by its two members (RFI, for Italy and DRI, for Slovenia) the 23 rd   of May 2013 For the italian section preliminary geognostic analysis as well as the geo-referenced relief have been completed, while preliminary designing phase, including the feasibility check for the connection with the existing line and the technical and technological equipment at the border is in progress.