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“Network Statement” issuing December 2011 and 2012:updated Annex 1 on "features of the lines"

RFI has updated the Network Statement - Annex 1 "features the lines" - code for column-Traffic Combined with regard to the basic lines

  • J23 [Milano] Pioltello – Brescia – Verona nelle tratte:
Treviglio - Vidalengo
Vidalengo – Romano
Romano – Chiari
Chiari – Rovato
Rovato – Ospitaletto
Ospitaletto - Bivio Mella
Bivio Mella – Brescia
Pioltello - Melzo Scalo (Venezia LL)
Melzo Scalo - Cassano D'adda (Venezia LL)
Cassano D'adda - P.M. Bivio Adda (Venezia LL)
P.M. Bivio Adda - Treviglio (Venezia LL)
Pioltello – Melzo scalo (Venezia DD)
Melzo Scalo – P.M. bivio Adda (Venezia DD)
P.M. bivio Adda – Treviglio (Venezia DD)
Bivio Mella - Brescia Scalo

  • R02 nodo di Milano nelle tratte:
Milano Smistamento - Pioltello

For these sections of the national rail infrastructure the new Traffic Combined Code is PC 80 / PC 410 instead of PC 45