RFI allocates the railway network capacity according to the rules and deadlines set in the Network Statement, and also in compliance with principles of transparency, fairness and non-discrimination. 

The network use can be requested from Railway Undertakings in terms of train paths, and services, referred to the current timetable period or to the next year one.

Train paths, and related services, can be applied for timetable 2017 (valid from 11 December 2016 until 9 December 2017) and for timetable 2018  (valid from 10 December 2017 until 8 December 2018) through: 

> ICT systems

To require both train paths national and train paths international: AstroIF (access to authorized users) .
The International train paths may also be require, instead of Astro IF system, via  
Path Coordination System (PCS)  (accessible to authorized users), according to the Guidelines (PCS system and guidelines are recognized by all the Managers of infrastructure of Rail Net Europe)

To get the access credential or information about system funcions, see contacts

> desks 

for international train paths: RFI One Stop Shop (OSS) desk, taking part of the Rail Net Europe OSS Network, which will forward the path request to all capacity managers concerned by the train route
for international train paths on the Freight Corridors Reg CE 913/2010: OSS of the Corridor concerned (see contacts )

The RU may use each channel available (Though the above channels can be used), but path request for a train must be submitted by one channel only.

Planning Timetable 10th December 2017 - 8th December 2018

The start-up of train paths allocation process for the timetable 10th December 2017 – 8th December 2018 is scheduled for April 11th, 2017.