Station usability: new information online

Available online is real-time information, station by station, on the operating status of the lifts and ramps for accessing the platforms

In the 2000-plus pages of the RFI website dedicated to each of the network’s stations with active passenger services – in addition to the information already available on station services, train timetables, intermodal connections and assistance services for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility – it is now possible to check in real time the operating status of the lifts and ramps for accessing the platforms, complete with details of the time required to restore the services.

Thanks to a new computerised system that can be accessed by the Control Rooms located throughout the territory, the results of the constant monitoring of all station facilities shall be automatically published on the RFI website.

The new information service, also developed in compliance with Resolution 106/2018 of the Transport Regulation Authority, falls within the scope of the activities pertaining to the role of RFI Station Manager, in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1371/2007, as well as with the FS Group’s policies of inclusiveness and sustainability aimed at ensuring greater accessibility for railway services. Coming as the result of a team effort between Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and FS Technology, as the FS Group’s ICT company, the project marks a new step in the Group’s digital transformation and technological innovation process.