1) Finding the site
On the Home Page (home page) there is a link to the "Map" of the site. The map allows you to navigate between topics proposed, indicating the path to move from page to page of the site.
2) Size of the documents
Often the proposed documents are made available for download on the personal computer of the visitor. The documents are often published on the site in Acrobat Reader format (PDF, Portable Document Format) to allow visitors to read and print documents in their original format, rather than simply display them on a series of web pages.
3) The minimum screen resolution
The minimum screen resolution required for viewing this site is 800x600 pixels.
4) The software needed to view the site
The site has been designed so that it can be navigated with a budget standard software and hardware. However, some pages may require Macromedia Flash Player to be viewed in the best way. Some documents, also, to be able to be downloaded or viewed require a very common software: Adobe Acrobat Reader. The navigation of the site requires, as a minimum requirement, the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.01 or higher) or Netscape Navigator (version 6 or higher). The software and plug-ins are recommended: Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.01 or higher) or Netscape Navigator (version 6 or above) for navigation, the plug-in Real Player, Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime for consultation movies or interviews and the Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing documents in original format.