We operate locally with about 29,000 people employed by the central divisions and, for the most part, by the local divisions of the Company responsible for carrying out production activities involving:

  • network maintenance/management processes for safe train movement (the 15 Local Infrastructures Operational Departments coordinated by the Central Production Department);
  • regulation of railway operations (the 11 Local Area Operation Divisions) as well as the timetable design and commercialisation of the railway services offer (the 6 Network Utilization Planning and Territorial Timetables structures under the coordination of coordinated by the Circulation & Timetable Department);
  • supervision of the planning and implementation of investments for developing infrastructure and its technological equipment (the 4 Local Investment Divisions coordinated by the Central Investment Department);
  • the management, enhancement and sustainable renovation of stations (the 5 Passenger Building Local Units, coordinated by the Central Passenger Buildings Department);
  • the production of equipment and vehicles for the infrastructure (the 5 Workshops in Bologna, Pontassieve, Bari, Catanzaro, Carini);
  • The provision of forensic and occupational medicine services both to RFI staff and to external companies and the public (the 10 Territorial Health Units and the 7 Health Centres coordinated by the Central Health Department).

Activities related to the definition and monitoring of the technical standards of the infrastructure and technological systems and equipment are carried out by the Technical Department, whilst dedicated functions ensure – also through offices and facilities throughout the territory – the monitoring of all the other company processes including, for example, those in the areas of operating regulations, safety, environmental and labour management systems, human resources, institutional affairs and sustainability, legal and corporate affairs, planning development infrastructure, administration and finance, procurement, communications, internal audit, risks.

The areas of responsibility for RFI’s local divisions vary according to the activities carried out. The most widespread and best staffed are those of the Territorial Infrastructure Operations Management, being responsible for operations more directly related to railway management. 

map of local production office areas of responsability


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Marconi, 44 - 60125 Ancona (AN)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.an@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
P.zza Aldo Moro 57 (strada interna stazione) - 70122 Bari (BA)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.ba@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Matteotti, 5 - 40129 Bologna (BO)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.bo@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Roma, 22 - 09123 Cagliari (CA)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.ca@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 5 - 50144 Firenze (FI)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.fi@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Piazza Acqua Verde, 4 - 16126 Genova (GE)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.ge@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Ernesto Breda, 28 - 20126 Milano (MI)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.mi@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Piazza Garibaldi, 1 - 80142 Napoli (NA)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.na@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Piazzetta Cairoli, 5 - 90125 Palermo (PA)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.pa@pec.rfi.it

Reggio Calabria

RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via S. Francesco da Paola, 58/A - 89127 Reggio Calabria (RC)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.rc@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Marsala, 75 - 00185 Roma (RM)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.rm@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Paolo Sacchi,1 - 10125 Torino (TO)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.to@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Flavio Gioia, 4 - 34135 Trieste (TS)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.ts@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Via Monte Piana, 55 - 30171 Mestre (VE)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.ve@pec.rfi.it


RFI - Local Infrastructures Operational Department
Piazzale XXV Aprile, 6 - 37138 Verona (VR)
pec: rfi-dpr-dtp.vr@pec.rfi.it