Summary (*)

General rights

Travel information

Both before departure and throughout the journey, passengers have the right to obtain from railway companies, tour operators and ticket vendors information on how the transport service is provided. This includes, for example, information on timetables and fares, services available aboard the train, how to report and retrieve lost luggage, along with any eventual disruptions and delays. 

Assistance for Passengers with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility

Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility are entitled to free assistance on board the train and in the stations that are part of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.’s (RFI) Sala Blu network. To receive assistance, passengers must communicate their needs to the railway company or station manager in accordance with the established timetable (for information, please see the RFI website or SalaBlu+ app for iOS and Android).

The list of stations included in the RFI assistance circuit for people with a disability or reduced mobility can be viewed via the link

Passengers have the right to purchase their ticket or combination tickets (where available) through at least one of the following purchasing methods: from the ticket counters, from the self-service ticket machines, over the telephone, via the Internet or on board the train.

Transporting Bicycles

Passengers have the right to carry bicycles aboard the train, save any limitations due to operational or safety reasons. Railway companies may in any case restrict the transport of bicycles on the basis of their weight and size.

Responsibility for Damages

In the event of injury or death of passengers as a result of accidents in connection with railway operations, the railway company shall provide compensation commensurate with the damage suffered. In addition, before paying out the compensation, the railway company is also obliged to cover any expenses necessary to meet the passenger’s immediate financial needs.

Very delayed or cancelled train

Information and Assistance

Passengers have the right to be informed of changes to their trip (cancellations, delays and so on) as soon as the information becomes available. In particular cases and depending on the extent of the delay, whilst waiting to continue their journey, passengers are also entitled to food and drink along with hotel (or other) accommodation and transfers.

Refunds and Alternative Routes

If, upon departure or in the event of a missed connection or cancellation, it is predicted that the journey shall be delayed by 60 minutes or more, passengers have the right to choose between continuing to the final destination via an alternative route under similar transport conditions, postponing the journey to another date or foregoing the journey and obtaining a full ticket refund.

Whereby the options available for such re-routing are not communicated to passengers within 100 minutes from the scheduled departure time of the service subject to delay, cancellation or missed connection, passengers have the right to independently organise an alternative route with other public transport providers by rail, coach or bus. The railway company shall reimburse passengers for the necessary, appropriate and reasonable costs incurred.


Depending on the extent of the delay, being equal to or greater than 60 minutes from the time of arrival at the destination shown on the ticket, passengers have the right to receive compensation from the railway company ranging from 25% to 50% of the ticket price.

Compensation shall not be due if: a) information regarding the delay was provided before ticket purchase; b) by continuing the journey on a different service or on an alternative route, the delay is less than 60 minutes; c) the delay occurred for reasons not attributable to the railway company.

Compansation for season ticket holders

If passengers who hold a travel pass or season ticket encounter recurrent delays or cancellations during the period of validity of the travel pass or season ticket, they shall be entitled to adequate compensation in accordance with the railway undertaking’s compensation arrangements. 

Train and station accessibility


Passengers have the right to be informed about accessibility to railway services and stations.

In particular, they have the right to receive up-to-date information from the train manager on any station accessibility equipment (such as lifts) and the relevant repair times.


For passengers who are disabled or have reduced mobility needing to use a transport service with a public service obligation, if a faulty lift is not restored to working order within the time period communicated by the station manager, said passengers shall be entitled to compensation from the station manager.


Passengers have the right to receive a response to any claim submitted to the railway company or station manager. If 30 days pass without receiving a reply or if the reply is deemed unsatisfactory, passengers may appeal to the Transport Regulation Authority (for information, please visit or else submit a resolution request to the Transport Regulation Authority Conciliation Service available at, to the Conciliation Chambers established at the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture or to alternative dispute resolution bodies, including joint negotiation bodies.


For information on delays, train cancellations and the accessibility and usability of stations, visit the website
To book the assistance service for disabled or reduced mobility passengers, you can also download the Sala Blu + APP (for IOS and Android) in addition to the channels indicated on the website

(*) This text is for information purposes only. For anything not expressly mentioned or regarding any doubts, including those of an interpretative nature, please refer to Regulation (EC) 782/2021, Legislative Decree 70/2014, to the Resolution of the Transport Regulation Authority no. 106/2018.