We manage over 2,000 stations throughout the country: junctions between the network, railway companies, travellers and local towns and cities. 

In large metropolitan areas, as well as in small towns, stations are not only places of travel, arrivals and departures, but also places of meeting, socialisation, gathering, shopping and hospitality. Not only for travellers but for the whole community.

In order to best meet the needs of travellers and increase the liveability, usability and comfort of stations for everyone's benefit, we use customer satisfaction surveys to constantly monitor the quality of the areas and services offered. These surveys gauge the opinions of travellers on cleanliness, safety, accessibility, public information, services for the disabled and persons with reduced mobility, as well as commercial services. The survey results and data from other monitoring processes are used to guide company improvement plans and actions, both at a central and local level.

The results are published annually in the RFI Charter of Services together with the targets we aim to achieve each year