Sustainability is a key element of our strategy, and for us it is a cross-cutting approach across all business dimensions.

By nature, history and objectives, we operate in a sector that is intrinsically oriented towards the sustainable development of the country, its mobility system and the creation of value for the community, business operators and the entire national economy. Today, more than ever - by leveraging the mission assigned to us by the government, the skills we have built up, the values that inspire us and our continuous dialogue with stakeholders - we want to continue to do so, playing our role to the full in building a new scenario for travel and progress that focuses on people and the environment, accessibility and integration between areas, and the quality of life in our cities. We offer our services to transport companies, passengers and the public at stations, and we carry out all of our management, supervision and development activities for the network and its stations to meet this objective in the best possible way with experience and innovation, on a day-to-day basis and in the future.

To find out how we do it, what we offer and what we are committed to every day, you have our entire website at your disposal: sustainability is not just one "section" for us, and these pages are intended solely to give you the key to understanding it.

Integration into the local area, responsible management and value creation

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