Information sheets on the facilities and services available for the public are provided on the website of each station. First and foremost, the Accessibility Info (Infoaccessibilità) sheet provides INFORMATION on the services and accessibility facilities available in the more than 2,050 stations in the network with active passenger services, including those in the PRM Assistance Network equipped with assistance services for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility.

In particular, the Accessibility Info sheets provide information on the presence of:

- assistance services for persons with disability and reduced mobility, provided by RFI Sala Blu assistance services, currently available at more than 350 stations throughout Italy;

car parks with spaces reserved for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility;

- accessible toilets;

- audible public information systems, which can also be used by people with visual impairments;

- visual public information systems, also usable by people with hearing disabilities;

accessible ticket offices, which can also be used by wheelchair users;

- track accessibility facilities with the following:

- Barrier-free route that is flat and/or has a ramp

- Barrier-free route by lift

- Tactile route from the station entrance

- Platform raised to a height of 55 cm in accordance with European standards for railway interoperability



Please be aware that for passengers in wheelchairs, or those unable to use stairs, independent access to trains along the station platforms assumes that they can be reached by a barrier-free route (flat/by lift/by ramp) and that there is no difference between the height of the platform and the height of the train's carriageway. For both, the height is defined by the European standards for railway interoperability for new trains and new stations, which are gradually being applied to existing infrastructures undergoing renovation work.  

> In some cases, the height of the platform and the height of the train wrapping surface may not be the same. It is therefore advisable to obtain information on the following before travelling:

- The height of the chosen train's floor by contacting the railway undertaking

- The scheduled platform, by consulting the online timetable service, where it is also possible to check whether the chosen train is equipped with a wheelchair accessible carriage.

> Any temporary outage of lifts and ramps may cause changes to the accessibility of the station. Unavailability of lifts and ramps is promptly communicated online.