RFI expresses its deep sorrow for Brandizzo's incident and extends its condolences and sympathy to the families of the deceased workers

For persons with disability

We work every day to provide assistance to passengers with disability and reduced mobility and to remove physical and sensory barriers restricting railway services from being used autonomously.


We coordinate our assistance services for disabled and reduced mobility people from 16 SALA BLU offices


Check if there are any changes to the accessibility of platforms with lifts and/or ramps at your station 


07 August 2023
Comments to the 1st draft of the 2025 NS now online

The comments received by RFI on the outcome of the consultation phase of the 1st draft of 2025 NS with the interested parties, which ended on 31 July this year, have been published. RFI's assessments of the comments received will be published in conjunction with the publication of the final draft of the 2025 NS by 30 September 2023.

04 August 2023
RFI - New Sala Blu assistance service for trips across the Messina Strait

To accompany people with reduced mobility on board trains and high-speed Blu Jet vessels between Villa San Giovanni and Messina stations. As of 7 August, there will be a new free Sala Blu assistance service for people with disabilities and reduced mobility who intend to cross the Messina Strait. Organised in association with Blu Jet, a subsidiary of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, to ensure territoria...

28 July 2023
Online Business Plan July 2023 edition

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 15 of Legislative Decree 112/2015, having concluded the consultation phase initiated last March, RFI publishes the Business Plan - July 2023 edition. Many changes have been made to the document in relation to the June 2022 edition, the details of which are included in the introduction in the paragraph “Main news 2023”. Specifically, in order to give details o...

30 June 2023
Online the 1st draft of “Network Statement 2025" - start-up phase of consultation

1st DRAFT Network Statement 2025 for consultation


We contribute towards creating a single European railway area by carrying out projects to improve the network in line with standardised Community technical and safety rules, essential for supporting the single market and guarantees free movement of goods and people


The backbone of the Trans-European Transport Network. The TEN-T Network facilitates the integration of European countries opening the way to a single market and supports a transport decarbonisation policy and an active role by the EU in the global fight against climate change


European Freight Corridors are one of the cornerstones of Community policy aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of international rail freight transport and, therefore, meeting the freight transport modal share objectives established by the EU White Paper for 2030