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Over 16.700 km of lines, over 2.000 stations: the Italian network for the sustainable mobility of people and goods

For persons with disability

We work every day to provide assistance to passengers with disability and reduced mobility and to remove physical and sensory barriers restricting railway services from being used autonomously.


We coordinate our assistance services for disabled and reduced mobility people from 16 SALA BLU offices


Check if there are any changes to the accessibility of platforms with lifts and/or ramps at your station 


20 March 2023
Online the "Provisions, Instructions and Contractual Clauses for the construction and operation of connections with industrial and similar commercial establishments" (DICC) update for the consultation

The DICC containing the proposed amendments is available online for consultation with interested parties according to provision no. of Annex A of ART Decision no. 227/2022.

31 January 2023
Listening Forum (Paragraph 2.6 of the Network Statement), ed. 2018–2021: Updates on Development Proposals

An update on the evaluation of development proposals received during the Listening Forum from 2018 to 2021 is available online, with details of the studies to be undertaken as a priority.

27 January 2023
List of facilities not used for the 2022–2023/2023–2024 Service Timetable has been published

Available online is the updated list of service facilities, in addition to the Minimum Access Package, such as freight stations, pit lines and maintenance centres.

27 January 2023
2022 Listening Forum: documentation on stakeholder discussions now online

Now online the documentation on the “Listening Forum for Collecting Requests for Improvement, Efficiency and Development of Infrastructure” held in 2022, provided for in Section 2.6 of the Network Statement to create a continuous exchange of viewpoints between RFI, the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, and the Stakeholders in order to make decisions on the start-up of investments more ef...


We contribute towards creating a single European railway area by carrying out projects to improve the network in line with standardised Community technical and safety rules, essential for supporting the single market and guarantees free movement of goods and people


The backbone of the Trans-European Transport Network. The TEN-T Network facilitates the integration of European countries opening the way to a single market and supports a transport decarbonisation policy and an active role by the EU in the global fight against climate change


European Freight Corridors are one of the cornerstones of Community policy aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of international rail freight transport and, therefore, meeting the freight transport modal share objectives established by the EU White Paper for 2030