As a National Railway Infrastructure Manager (RIM) we provide all Railway Undertakings (RUs) with approximately 16,780 kilometres of railway lines for safely moving passengers and goods, in accordance with principles of fairness non-discrimination and transparency.

Each year, we publish the updated edition of the Network Statement (NS) to inform our clients - Railway Undertakings (RUs) and other eligible entities - of the criteria, procedures, methods, deadlines and tariffs for assigning infrastructure capacity and for providing related services along with all the information on the network characteristics and conditions of access.

Regional Railway Infrastructure



In accordance with art. 47, paragraph 4 of Law Decree no. 50 of 24 April 2017 (subsequently converted by law no. 96 of 21 June 2017), Rete Ferroviaria Italiana took over the management of certain regional railway networks.

In this section, we present the Regional Railway Infrastructure Network Statements and any additional documents and communications to stakeholders.

20 March 2023
Online the "Provisions, Instructions and Contractual Clauses for the construction and operation of connections with industrial and similar commercial establishments" (DICC) update for the consultation

The DICC containing the proposed amendments is available online for consultation with interested parties according to provision no. of Annex A of ART Decision no. 227/2022.

31 January 2023
Listening Forum (Paragraph 2.6 of the Network Statement), ed. 2018–2021: Updates on Development Proposals

An update on the evaluation of development proposals received during the Listening Forum from 2018 to 2021 is available online, with details of the studies to be undertaken as a priority.