In accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 2018/1795, if an Applicant intends to operate a new rail passenger service, he must notify the Infrastructure Manager and Italian Transport Authority (ART) of his intention within the period referred to in the Article 24 of the Legislative Decree. 112/2015 at least 18 months prior to the scheduled start of the service.

Within one month of the publication of the aforementioned notification on the Italian Transport Authority (ART) institutional website the Infrastructure Manager shall communicate to the Authority and to the proposer the reasoned outcome of the assessment of the technical-operational compatibility of the new service with reference exclusively to the technical and operational characteristics of the infrastructures concerned, without taking into account the current and prospective levels of allocated capacity.

In accordance with what is described in section  4.2 of the NS, in order to enable the Infrastructure Manager to carry out this assessment, the Applicant is required to provide, when notifying its intention to start the new passenger transport service, at least the following minimum information:

  • technical characteristics ofrolling stock (such as dimensions, length, mass, axial mass, traction system, road protection systems);
  • list of the lines on which the Applicant intends to operate the service;
  • expected start date of the service.

The Infrastructure Manager will carry out the technical and operational evaluation of the new service by comparing the technical data provided by the applicant with the technical and operational characteristics of the infrastructures concerned. When transmitting the results of the checks in accordance with the above deadlines, the Infrastructure Manager shall also communicate the indication of any technical changes necessary for the notified service to be scheduled in operation. It is understood that the effective exercise of the service remains subject to the rules laid down in sections 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 of the NS on train-track compatibility and staff acceptance for safety duties.