To send a claim or report via the RFI Responds channel, just follow these five steps:

1. Select RFI’s area of activity to which the claim/report refers.

2. Choose the detailed topic and the station concerned or, if it concerns an issue involving railway lines, the municipality; if applicable, add other issues and other places (maximum 2).

3. Enter the date on which the event to which the claim/report refers took place; indicate whether it is a recurring event and then enter a short description.

4. Enter your personal/travel data: the fields marked with * (asterisk) must be filled in because they are essential for receiving a reply provided consent is given for said data to be processed according to the methods indicated in the Data Protection Notice pursuant to Article 13 of European Regulation no. 679/2016

5. Then click “send”.

You will immediately receive an automatic email confirming receipt of the claim/report and the identification code to which you can refer for any subsequent communications. Subsequently, you will be sent a reply within the deadlines indicated in the RFI Service Charter.