In accordance with Italian Transport Authority Resolution no. 106 of 25 October 2018, RFI undertakes to pay compensation to disabled and reduced mobility passengers using transport services subject to public service obligations (PSO) if, in the event of lifts not working at the stations managed by RFI or its subsidiary GS Rail, the deadlines for their repair communicated or amended by the station manager are not met.

To request compensation, the disabled or reduced mobility passenger must contact the railway undertaking through the complaint channels made available by the latter, presenting the relevant ticket (validated ticket or season ticket) and providing all the information useful for assessing the claim.

If the traveller has purchased an integrated ticket that also includes the use of transport services not subject to public service obligations, the compensation will be calculated by taking as a reference the cost of the ticket limited to the route covered by the PSO services.

Within 30 days from submitting the claim to the railway undertaking, the passenger will be informed of the outcome of the claim and, if accepted, of the terms and conditions for payment of the compensation.

After 30 days without receiving a response, or if the response is not considered satisfactory, the traveller may apply to the Italian Transport Authority.

The compensation is calculated according to the criteria shown in the table below, which are based on the parameters indicated by the Italian Transport Authority.


Parameter A

delay in restoring access to the lift with respect to the times communicated/amended by RFI

Parameter B

distance to be covered by the train in order to reach the first accessible station for the journey planned by the passenger

Parameter C

absence of an alternative means of local public transport, accessible and the same price as the train, to reach the destination station of the planned trip

> 48

25% of the ticket price

0 - 10 km

25% of the ticket price for the 1st accessible station

If there is no alternative means of travel - to be proved by the traveller - a flat-rate reimbursement of €15.00 is granted.

< 48

50% of the ticket price

>  10 km

25% of the ticket price for the 1st accessible station

►The amount of compensation is the sum of the value calculated for each of the three parameters (A+B+C)

►The calculation criteria are defined according to the principles of reasonableness, proportionality and gradualness